What is it ?

s6-networking is a suite of small networking utilities for Unix systems. It includes command-line client and server management, TCP access control, privilege escalation across UNIX domain sockets, IDENT protocol management and clock synchronization. Optionally, it also includes command-line TLS/SSL tools for secure communications.

If the underlying skalibs has been compiled with IPv6 support, s6-networking is IPv6-ready.

The s6- prefix is slightly misleading, and probably a naming mistake. This package is not, stricto sensu, a part of the s6 ecosystem, and it is nowhere near a requirement for a s6-based installation. However, it provides useful networking utilities often used with s6, so keeping the prefix makes some kind of sense; you can see s6-networking, as well as its dependency s6-dns, as extensions to the s6 ecosystem.




s6-networking is free software. It is available under the ISC license.



Upgrade notes



All these commands exit 111 if they encounter a temporary error or hardware error, and 100 if they encounter a permanent error - such as a misuse. Short-lived commands exit 0 on success. Other exit codes are documented in the relevant page.

System clock synchronization

UCSPI TCP implementation

UCSPI tools for secure communication (TLS protocol) over TCP

TCP access control

IDENT protocol implementation

Miscellaneous utilities


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